Island tour (3.5uur)

Day in accordance 09.00 - 12.30





This island tour takes you along the coastal road to Goto. While enjoying the magnificent scenery, the guide will tell you about the flora and fauna. In Gotomeer flamingos can often see you through the location of the road until you close approach. Then you arrive at the oldest settlement of the Netherlands Antilles, Rincon. This village is situated in a beautiful valley and is home to approximately 2000 people. It exhibits all the characteristic features of a village, so definitely worth a visit!


Then we drive to Seru Largu. Here you have a wonderful view over the island. A great place for photos and video recordings. From Seru Largu we leave the salt pans and the slave huts in the South. Again, our guide will give you information about the origin of the huts and the salt extraction process. Of course we pause in special places, so you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and can take pictures!


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