Scooters and  Mopeds


Scooter, moped and bike rentals


Rental location is Plaza Resort Bonaire next to the reception in the lobby.

For renting a scooter or moped in Bonaire, you must have a valid drivers license. The deposit for renting a scooter, moped or bicycle is USD $ 300.00. We make a print of your credit card(Visa/MasterCard). The prices (subject to change) to rent a scooter, moped or bicycle are as follows:

Per day in USD

  • Scooter 2-Seater - USD 27.50*
  • Moped 1- seater - USD 21.50*
  • Mountainbike 21-speed - USD 13.50
  • Touristbike 7-speed - USD 11.00

Per week in USD

  • Mountainbike 21-speed -USD 55.00
  • Touristbike 7-speed - USD 55.00

3-day special in USD

  • Scooter 2-Seater - USD 75.00*
  • Moped 1- seater - USD 55.00*


Prices are including tax and excluding fuel.

*Prices include a third-party liability insurance. There is the possibility of a theft insurance when renting a scooter or moped.




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